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Mikuru On the Beach by Dumdodoor

First of all, I really like the color pallette in this, it's very bright and summer-y and goes well with the theme of the picture. The background is nice, and simple enough to not distract from the character. Also the lineart is very nice, clean and crisp. The coloring is very good too. One thing (and this might just be me) but I would be expecting a bit more highlight in the hair, given the brightness of the sun shining on it.

One bit of critique on the anatomy, it seems like she has an exceptionally long torso, like I would be expecting the belly button to be a bit higher up, closer to where her arm falls across her body. Otherwise though, I think you did very well, I especially like the hair and the face, I think you did a great job on that.
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Dumdodoor Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yay! I thank you so much for your honest critique, man actually after reading what you just wrote, I forgotten some things. I can totally agree with the anatomy, after looking back, she kinda looked a little long. X)

And you know what? I totally forgot to include highlights, that I forgot to do. XD
That's alright, as long somebody reminds me like you do, it helps me to keep myself back on track. Nevertheless, I am honored to have your opinion and suggestions on my latest piece. I thank you so much FrankieAlton! ^^

I'll keep those words in mind. ;D
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